zelda sword and shield

By David Ponce

That’s an award we just made up, and we’d love to give it anyone nerdy enough to consider this purchase. See, these are special plastic accessories for the Wiimote and nunchuck; you just place the Wiimote in the plastic sword, and the nunchuck in the shield, and you’ve just magically added another layer of “reality” to the game. You might experience feelings of invincibility and euphoria at being able to play Zelda so realistically; believe us when we assure you that this is nothing more than your nerdiness manifesting itself in a slightly hysterical fashion.

It’s $30 if you’re really serious about this, but we’ll leave it up to you to figure out how to get Link’s green skirt and hoody costume.

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  1. Nerdiest?? I don’t think so, It’s cute! I’m not a huge fans of zelda, but it’s cool addition. If we play in front of many people, it will be embrassing, but i we play in home and no body watch it, will be fun!

  2. ASID tech makes faulty merchandise and these attachment unclasp during use. They end up being destructive projectiles to your TV. I now have a useless 62″ tv and no way to contact the manufacturer. On top of this when I contacted Nintendo I was inforn they are an UNAUTHORIZED manufacturer of Wii accessories….GREAT!!! Now who is liable both future shop and nintendo has admitted this is a manufacturing liablity but dont know how to contact them…….thats why I’m ANGRY!!!