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Beer Bottle Goblets

Beer Bottle Goblets (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Instead of sending them off to the dump or recycling center some enterprising young chap realised that with a little bit of effort those empty beer bottles scattered around the apartment could easily be converted into unique goblets suitable for wine or other drinks. Made by simply cutting off the bottom of the bottle and attaching it to the top these goblets are only created from bottles without stick-on labels so they can be easily washed and reused without anything peeling off.

You know this might actually be a good DIY project if you have the tools and skills needed to work with glass. Of course you’d want to put a bit of extra attention into smoothing the rim of your new goblets after the bottom has been cut off or instead just keep mountains of highly absorbent gauze on hand for after each use.

The Beer Bottle Goblets are sold in packs of 2 and since they’re 100% recycled you’re helping the environment with every purchase. Currently there are 3 types to choose from, a Grolsch set for ?14.99, a Corona set for ?13.99 and a Sol set for ?12.99.

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