anti smoking ceiling painting

By David Ponce

Looks like there are still places on this planet that have dedicated smoking rooms (like India), and while the segregation is very nice for all the non-smokers, the fact still remains that all those cancer sticks are bound to take their toll eventually. That’s why we’re totally digging this brilliant anti-smoking advert (hot on the heels of yet another cool ad format) from Everest Brand Solutions, in Mumbai, India. It’s called “Cemetery”, and as you can see from the picture, it makes it look like your smoke room is at the bottom of a grave.

It doesn’t really get more subtle than that. We’re not really optimistic about the impact it’ll have on smokers worldwide, but it sure makes a hell of a statement.

[Cemetery Anti-Smoking Ad] VIA [No Puedo Creer]


  1. Love it! One of the reasons I left my ex was cuz she started smoking again. She didnt care how I felt about it. Just sent her the pic. hahaha!

  2. Awesome ad, except the DSR (designated smoking room) is too big, too well-ventilated and, as is so often the case, not completely separate…and, therefore, not effectively protecting non-smokers from the smokers’ Second Hand Indoor Tobacco Smoke (check out that very appropriate acronym).

    And, if I may offer just a little more constructive criticism, it looks like the cigarettes are not smoldering and, as is the case in most butt ads, the smokers are not actually sucking on the butts (can anyone explain that phenomenon?)…and there’s no (visible) smoke. And why aren’t women represented…by a ‘great’ role model like chain-smoking druggie (bearing in mind, of course, that nicotine is the most addictive and, ultimately, deadly drug known) Kate Moss, for instance?

    Perhaps in follow-up ‘sequels’.

    In closing, just a quick not to “Bob’s yer uncle”: Yer absolutely right, Bobbie! “We’re all going to die (‘of one thing or another’) eventually.” And we rarely know, in advance, how, when, where, why, with whom and/or from what we will die. That said, I appreciate yer offer to share yer SHITS with me — and prematurely kill me with it — but I’ll pass, thank you so much for offering, Bobbie. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! And if you really like to suck on toxic and carcinogenic things, try the tailpipe of an idling car!

    It’s not rocket science, Bobbie! The deadly SHITS is yers! Take responsbility for it, control it and keep it away from inncoent bystanders!

    It does not get any simpler than that!

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  4. It’s a brilliant ad if you’re a non-smoker; so have a gay ol’ time stroking each other over it. Anyone who would enter that room won’t care one way or another, they’ve already made their decision. I’m inclined to say, worst anti-smoking ad ever…or better yet, best expenditure to support amateur photographers ever!

  5. Pointless ad, given that it is directed to current smokers. It won’t get them to stop smoking. If it’s geared towards making youth aware of the dangers of smoking (i.e. those cancer sticks will kill you), then the smokers should look younger.

    Current smokers aren’t going to be affected by this ad – they already know it kills. So the ad is futile.

    Instead, they should focus on the veteran smoker to stop smoking by displaying ads that depict a smoker’s power of choice: you have the power of choice. the power to choose better health. the power to be a good example to your kids. the power to let go. the power to stop smoking. You have the power.

    BE POSITIVE. I’m tired of all of these negative ads, they don’t go anywhere.

  6. This ad is futile, but not surprising. Telling a smoker “smoking kills” is like telling an obese person “you need to cut down on the calories”. Both groups know they’re hurting themselves. So stop.
    As for “killing others”. Occasionally walking by someone who’s smoking isn’t going to give you cancer. Indoor smoking should, I agree, be kept to a minimum, but, if you’re going to, say, a Pub, I don’t think you’re there to have a smoothie so I think people should just suck it up and move on.

  7. Maybe, since not everyone’s christian or want’s a christian funeral, they should do a whole series… like, a funeral pyre built of cigarettes! yum.

  8. wahahahaaa!

    imagine this to be ‘against overweights’ –
    feel like in a big cooking pot and have them throw pig tails and spice at you.

  9. hey americans.. just remember that your bug SUVs also potentially kill a lot of people just by wasting our reliable air and polluting, warming it.

    who cares the smokers – at least they all know about the risk.

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    Two news tidbits.
    First off, we have the new Legacy Tobacco Documents Library. The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library (LTDL) contains 7 million documents related to advertising, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and scientific research of tobacco products…

  11. Actually, I don’t smoke. I just don’t care if other people do. I realise it’s an odd attitude these days, not worrying about what other people do to themselves, but there you are.

    There’s no link between second-hand smoke and cancer anyway, so what are you getting so worked up about?

  12. The way I see it is, it is MY body. If I decide to turn my lungs black, make myself cough up blood and die from cancer, then let me! Who is anyone else to tell me how i can and can’t die!

  13. Anti Smoking Add’s are fine and all. But I just don’t get them. People want to smoke. What are you doing by telling them they are going to die?


    Second hand smokeing sucks and all, but its not the Be all and End all of the “To Smoke, or not to Smoke” arguments.

  14. I havn’t seen that advert before but i saw a diferent horrible adver on Tarrent on TV on ITV.
    A man lights a cigerette in his kitchen, puts it in his mouth, then the back of his head blows up all over the kitchen wall and he falls on the table, then it goes silent. It really is a shock advert to stop smoking. It was horrible.

  15. I would like to see ads that focus on smoking and living. Every day from morning until night I have had to listen to my husband’s absolutely gross mucousy cough. We sleep in separate rooms because of it. Our sex has been interrupted by convulsive, gross, mucousy cough. I stopped having people in for dinner because it is so gross at the dinner table. Standing at the table carving a Thanksgiving dinner and coughing up mucous, ughhhh… That should be enough to make any bystander not want to smoke. Sincerely, Leone Turner

  16. We need more hard hitting anti-smoking commercials that’ll get the attention of teens. Hopefully a few adults will notice them as well, and get more incentive to quit.

  17. I have been trying to track down an anti smoking animation short i remember from 30 some years ago! It featured a smoker who also worked in demolition, while lighting a fuse to set off some dynamite, he discovers it was the only light he had for his cigarette. So, he runs after the fuse, right up to the dynamite, just to get his cigarette lit, and BANG! 😉