bodybuggWow. I never thought there’d be people attaching electronic gadgets fashioned after a ladybug to their arms, just to count calories. Yet there are. And really, why not, huh?

Anyway, this is supposed to let you know just how many calories you’re spending, every minute that you wear it. Whether you’re sitting on your rump eating chips, or working out at the gym, it’ll let you know what’s going in and out (calorie wise). It works by keeping track of such things as body temperature (core temperature), heat flux (how much heat your body puts out), sweat rate, forward motion, and up and down activity. Up and down activity? Like when… Oh, never mind.

It’s supposed to be 92% accurate, and that on a typical 2000 calorie day translates into plus or minus 160 calories. Not bad.

No word on price, but you can visit the website and look at more pictures.

Via Popgadget.