By David Ponce

The thing about Northern Lights is that they are a powerful reminder of the beauty of nature; they’re meant to be enjoyed in weather cold enough to freeze the snot on the inside of your nose. It’s a connecting-with-nature thing, or at least that’s what one of my trekking hippie friends tells me. Whatever. For the rest of us that don’t enjoy trips to the North Pole (or thereabouts), you can recreate the Aurora Borealis in the comfort of your own room with the Genso Kukan Aurora projector. It’s been around for a few months, but it’s making the rounds now.

It probably uses an array of LEDs and other optical tricks to create the colorful changing shapes, and project them on your walls or ceiling. The machine is fairly small at 6? x 6? x 4? and should run for about twenty hours on three AA batteries.

It’s available for $61, and comes with its own funky music CD. For a video of a commercial featuring the projector, and links for purchase, keep reading.

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