By David Ponce

Here’s an idea. Take a young impressionable child, barely able to tell fact from fiction, and give him this: Captain Muddy’s Little Learners. It’s candy made to look like a bucket of mud/dirt and bugs.

The dirt of course is chocolate cookie crumbs, while the worms are gummy and the ants are of the firebreathing, young-children’s-soul-eating sugary variety. The kit comes with magnifying glass and bug catcher.

Now, just don’t be surprised if little Jimmy, having eaten through the harmless sweet, delicious candy, comes home with little roachie legs stuck between his teeth, or something.

It looks like the stuff is sold at Toys R’ Us, though I’m not sure at what price. You can also order in bulk through their website if you want to sell the stuff yourself.

Story VIA SNP.