Car Umbrella Drainer (Image courtesy Get Organized)By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t own a car so when it rains I don’t have any problems with a wet umbrella soaking the interior when I get in. Well… come to think of it I don’t ever go outside either, so rain in general isn’t a problem for me but I still think this is a simple but useful idea. The Car Umbrella Drainer sits in one of your cupholders and provides a handy place to store a soaking wet umbrella while you drive. So instead of water running all over your interior as the umbrella dries it simply collects in the bottom of the unit until you empty it out.

Since the design is so simple you can probably make your own Umbrella Drainer with a bit of plumbing pipe from Home Depot but odds are the final results won’t exactly compliment your vehicle’s interior. (Then again this depends on what you’re currently driving.)

The Car Umbrella Drainer is available from Get Organized for $19.98 and includes a compact 39-inch umbrella.

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