PMP MP4-010PMP MP4-010DAPreview has an interesting post on a product from Hong Kong company Citiwide Technologies. It’s a Portable Media Player with swappable drives: the MP4-010. I say: it’s about darn time!

Why? Well, think about it for a second. Most PMPs these days come with one hard drive, and that’s all you’ll ever get. Say you get one with 20Gb storage. How many movies does that fit? With a full 4Gb DVD? Maybe 5, more likely, 4. With DivX? Twenty something. So after a while, you’re going to have to start rotating your movies. Wouldn’t it be better then, to simply have multiple hard drives, and rotate them instead? Storage space is at an all time low, so you could just plop down 150$ for 120Gb drive and carry your entire movie library around with you.

Check out DAPreview’s article.