By Bruce Eaton

We are well known in the watch/gadget department around here at OhGizmo. We’re watch-o-philes, if you will. Citizen has taken an idea put forth by Seiko in a prototype and come out with their own, more robust version. The i?VIRT TM is a Bluetooth watch that can hook into your cellphone and act as a caller id screen. Not only that, but it can actually control the phone and do many other functions, such as light up or vibrate when a call is coming in, or even forward or put a call on hold.

While Seiko has shown the tech, Citizen will actually be releasing it soon to the masses. No word on price but for what it can do, expect it not to be cheap. Here, if you can find it, is the Citizen page [in Japanese] where more details might be had.

VIA [Citizen Bluetooth Watch]

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