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Coin-Eating Piggy Bank Is Fugly, Gives Nightmares, Makes Good Children’s Gift

By David Ponce

I’m going to say something possibly unpopular, and may my soul burn in Hell if it has to: I don’t like children. And if I were somehow forced to cohabit with one, I’d be sure to give him this: the Face Bank from Banpresto. Under the guise of paternal love and care for his financial future, I’d make him save his pennies in this nightmare-inducing mechanic piggy bank. It has a little detector that sees you coming with your change, and starts chewing on it as soon as you place it in its mouth… but darn if it ain’t the ugliest, most disturbing piece of low-tech I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure what the intended result of this psychological bullying would be, but long lasting scars are almost a guarantee. Perhaps it’s just retaliation over the scars I’m sure to get from having to raise the little one.

The Face Bank comes out August 6th, for about $20, and is available for pre-order now from Strapya World.

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