By Brian Donaldson

What is the hottest accessory out there for the Sony PSP? Japanese Game Gear Exporter says it’s the Datel MAX 4GB Hard-drive addition for the PSP. What is most appealing about the Datel MAX 4GB drive is that the Sony PSP looks just as good and still maintains the same design and shape.

If you’re wondering how to access your memory stick duo with this attachment, well don’t worry, the “memory stick slot issue” has already been solved and you’ll be able to access your memory card anytime you want. It costs $200 and comes with an X2 battery pack, which also extends your PSPs life.

I highly suggest you attach both units because it makes the PSP symmetrical again. It currently only comes in black so if you have a white PSP you’re out of luck for now, however, Datel is strongly thinking about releasing white accessories soon.