By Christen da Costa

A 62 year old electrical engineer, John Parkinson, wants to ‘unseat’ the QWERTY style keyboard. His keyboard, called “The New Standard Keyboard” (wow, now that is witty), is laid out in an alphabetical fashion that apparently ‘makes much more sense’. Although experts say the product will prove unsuccessful (see Dvorak’s layout for precedence) due to the long standing QWERTY standard, Parkinson is still touting the new keyboard at this year’s CES 2006 in hopes of winning consumer interest.

This is not the first time a new keyboard layout in an alphabetical order has been attempted. Parkinson has modified the old alphabetical design by splitting the keyboard into two groups, which supposedly was the final and necessary ingredient for the alphabetical layout to prove successful.

The new keyboard cuts the number of keys to 53 – significantly less then current QWERTY keyboards.

Allegedly available for $70 here, but the page is “under construction”. VIA Gadgetreview


  1. Does this guy /not/ realize that the reason QWERTY is laid out so ‘nonsensically’ is because we use the keys more or less according to their position? ‘e’ is common. Therefore, it is easily accessed. ‘Z’ is less common. Less easily accessed.

    Pfft. Learn your homekeys, old man.