Desert Island Hammock (Image courtesy I Want One Of Those)

By Andrew Liszewski

In keeping with the trend of overpriced luxury items today, if you’ve always wanted to lie in your own hammock tethered between two palm trees but seem to be lacking all of the above there’s still hope. The Desert Island Hammock provides a pseudo-convenient way to recreate a tropical paradise in your own backyard.

Two artificial palm trees complete with realistic looking Tahitian palm leaves and coconuts support the polyester woven hammock which also comes with a rope drink caddy and of course a pillow. The hammock and trees are designed to be completely weather proof and for those particularly hot summer days the trees also include an integrated misting system.

The Desert Island Hammock is available from ‘I Want One Of Those’ for just under $5,000 but unfortunately the site seems to indicate it can’t be shipped to the US.

[Desert Island Hammock] VIA [Blavish]