By David Ponce

It may very well have singlehandedly changed the way I looked at computers forever. It was 1996, I was around 15, I had pimples, and I had just discovered Duke Nukem 3D.

“It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum… and I’m all out of gum!”

Who remembers that line? I sure do, and let me tell you… I’ve never, ever, spent so much time playing a computer game, as much as I’ve played Duke Nukem 3D. I’m not trying to be funny, or cute: it is THE game that defined my youth and I love it beyond words.

As time went by, and Quake and such came out, the game lost it’s edge and Duke Nukem Forever was announced: The Successor! And then Broussard and friends screwed it up. Duke Nukem Forever became Duke Nukem “Wait-For-It” Forever. It is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated game of the last decade, and all that 3D realms and friends ever told us about the release date was that it would be out “when it’s done”. Well, it looks like finally, maybe, just maybe it’s going to be done on December 2, 2005.

Could it be true? Is this a joke? Another rumor? Well, unless Amazon UK is pulling a fast one on us, seems you can pre-order the game now, for it to be shipped in time for Christmas. Sure, sure, other people have put it up for pre-order before… but Amazon? Eh, I guess we’ll have to wait an see…

Check it out right here and make up your own mind. Story VIA Trusted Reviews.


  1. I also grew up with this classic, and logged hours of brutal mayhem. I have since given up on Duke Nukem Forever. Serious Sam just doesn’t cut it either.

  2. These screenshots are from quake 2 engine duke forever….This has been surely changed since now the game is -if at all- being developed using umreal engine 3.0