EA’s Battlefield 3 Testing The Limits Of Consoles


By Bryson Higgins

Since the announcement of Battlefield 3, there have been 4 trailers released. All of them have stunning footage of jaw dropping graphics, wowing viewers worldwide of what this Fall holds for them. However some are asking (myself included) whether these outstanding visuals can be replicated on non-PC hardware. I, like many others, fell in love with the Battlefield franchise with Battlefield 2 on the PC. Originally, the game was a PC only title and many fans wanted it to stay that way.


However, EA’s franchise is now not only found on the PC but also the Xbox 360 and PS3. Developed by EA “Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment” or DICE, the long awaited sequel is running some powerful new tools to bring it to the top, engine-wise. It is aiming to compete against one of the biggest titles, Call of Duty. With all these new advancements, can a consoles whose graphics’ capabilities are far behind the PC handle such a demanding game? DICE executive producer Patrick Bach spoke with Computer And Videogames magazine (CVG), saying that he was confident Battlefield 3 would be “if not the best-looking console game this year, up there with the competition” also noting that his goal was to “prove it rather than talk about it”. Patrick Bach then told CVG that this game will be pushing both the Xbox 360 and PS3 to an “absolute limit”, and paving the way to potential, as yet unannounced next-generation consoles.

[ Battlefield 3 Screenshots ] VIA [ CVG BF3 Article ]