Sony PSPSo we’re envious of Japan, right? They get everything cool first. Some of the stuff never even makes it here. Oh well, such is life.

One thing that’s been selling for quite a bit over there, is the much hyped Sony PSP. That’s making a few people pull their hair out in frustration this side of the world. And of course, certain companies (coughEBGamescough cough…) have decided to shamelessly capitalize on our collective PSP envy.

You can now pre-order a Starter Package for 399$. That gives you the PSP itself, one unspecified accessory and three games. Hmm… so let’s see. The PSP alone is expected to retail at around 200$ That leaves 200$ for three games and an accessory….

Let me tell you, at that price, the “accessory” better wash the dishes and make the bed.

Check out EBGames’ website