Company Zellestyle has found an interesting use for the myriad electronic components that would otherwise go to waste each year. They make jewellry with it. Some of it even looks good.

So, I imagine this would be a good test to see whether your girlfriend really is into all this geeky gadget stuff, or if she just pretends to like it just to shut you up. Just buy her a diode necklace and see how she reacts. It wont break the bank either, as most of these pieces go between $40 and $60.

Check it out here. Story VIA Fosfor Gadgets.


  1. Electronic Component Jewelry That Can Be Worn with Minimum Shame

    No doubt we’ve all seen “techno jewelry,” little bits of greenboard earrings and the like that were fashionable for almost two whole weeks in 1996. That’s why I almost skipped over this gear from ZelleStyle—I’m glad I didn’t. Not only…

  2. the only health hazards I’m aware of are from injesting large amounts of lead. a lot of older electronic components had a lead coating on the leads, but as of next year due to RoHS laws, component manufacturers need to eliminate those chemicals that could end up in drinking water from decaying in a landfill. as far as I can see, just don’t eat this stuff or let your kid eat it and you’re fine.