There’s a little sticker on my keyboard. It says the following:

Some experts believe that the use of any keyboard may cause serious injury.

I’m guessing they’re referring to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome injury, which while serious, does not come with the alarming urgency implied by the wording on my keyboard. This does tell me something though: some people are really gung-ho about CTS.

Which is why I believe there’s a market for this pen by company Randee Corp. It’s called the Ring Pen, and retails for about 8.95$. It’s worn as illustrated and allegedly reduces fatigue (and presumably, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) from prolonged writing sessions.

Buy one at Ringpen.com.


  1. So good – as RINGPEN is very helpful!

    Emily was just introduced to your very cool product yesterday during her Bureau for Vocational Rehabilitation evaluations here in Dayton, Ohio. Your product is amazing! Emily just turned 18 and is now signing all of her documents! Emily’s fine motor skills are very limited and yesterday she just signed her name fast and as neatly as could be….all her letters were very clean and identifiable. The timing of discovery of your “ring pen” is priceless in Emily’s life.
    Emily is very active as a senior at West Carrollton high school, at our church, and is taking two college courses at the University of Dayton under the PSEO or Post Secondary Education Option. Emily in essence has already started college as the UD class credits will transfer fully to CU! Emily, has been accepted at Cedarville University for the Fall of 2007.
    Meet Emily on her website created by Dad at: http://www.tomsdigitalphotos.com/emily