SoldierTech_Eye-1It’s the brainchild of Israeli company O.D.F. Optronics, Ltd. and will be manufactured and sold in the US by Remington Technologies, a division of Remington Arms Company, Ltd., through a licensing agreement.

What is it?

It’s a tough spycam. You can throw it around, even from a two story building and it wont break.

Potential applications for the technology include (but are not limited to) Dynamic Entry/High-Risk Entry Operations (including room clearing and stairwell clearing), ceiling and attic Investigation, surveillance operations, and search and rescue operations.

Once in place, it can pick up video from up to 25 yards away and audio up to a distance of 5 yards, and then broadcast both up to 200 yards wirelessly back to a large remote control device called a Personal Display Unit (PDU), operated by the tactical operator.

Cool stuff. Check it out here. Story VIA Makezine.