fire_starterWhen was the last time you paid attention to your matches? The last time you lit up with a match, did you even notice where it came from? Of course not, they’re matches. If you had lit up with a Zippo, or a butane torch, or God’s Fiery Breath instead, that’s a different story. But matches are woefully neglected in the smoker’s paraphernalia. And you know, matches have feelings too.

Happily, company noticed and did something about it. Enter the Fire Starter:

[It] conceals the matches between two nickel silver plates, which rotate on a machined stainless steel pivot.

A specially designed strike surface is provided on the rear to light your match.

What’s more, its surface is customizable (presumably with words of your choosing, though to what extent is still shrouded in mystery) and it comes in a dandy velvet bag.

It’ll set ya back £9.95, and can be ordered here.

Go inside for a couple more pics.