First Nintendo DS Emulator Arrives


nintendo DS emulator

By David Ponce

The point of the Nintendo DS, in our opinion, is the fact that there are two touchscreens (well, only one that’s touch sensitive, but stilll). So, removing the touch functionality, and porting the games over to your PC would seem rather counterproductive. Still, there are those out there who believe that if something can be emulated, it should.

In that spirit, the first Nintendo DS emulator, the No$Gba v2.3 is out. It isn’t perfect, and a lot of the games don’t port over so well. There’s no WLAN, and no sound, and you have to encrypt your ROMS before you can play them, which all sounds like a lot of suckage… but well, maybe it’s just an early version. Not being an aficionado of the emulation scene, I’m a little unsure just what exactly is meant by having to encrypt the ROMS. Nevertheless, there are bound to be some of you whose interest is piqued by this news.

[No$Gba List of Compatible Titles] VIA [NewLaunches]

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  1. I understand why it might seem pointless to create an emulator for the DS, but your not taking into account the people that create homebrew games for these systems. Usually, emulators are the most efficient way to test code before downloading to play on the actual hardware.