By Bruce Eaton

Streamers and whistles are no longer cool at parties. Throw a foam party at your house with the Foam Factory. Although a bit on the goofy looking side, parties take on whole new vibe when you add in foam. All you need is this machine, tear-free shampoo and an electric socket. Within 3 minutes you will have 55 cubic feet of foam pouring out of this thing and onto people.

Inspired by the Ibiza foam parties you see on TV, this modest device can help recreate that without the airfare or hotel stay. Recommended for outdoor use only… but imagine the indoor possibilities. The machine is small, with a footprint of 70cm(W) x 32cm(H) x 18cm(D) and a modest cost of $127.40. Be careful not to use any other kind of soap or foaming substance like foamy-plutonium; not good for the guests.

[Foam Factory] VIA [AskMen]

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