By David Ponce

It’s Friday, and we’re thinking there no better way to start the weekend than with a bit of a Japanese mindgame. It’s called 1-Click, and it’s not really a mindgame at all, we don’t think… but dammit if it doesn’t make us wish we’d huffed some paint first. See, if you click the picture above (or the link below), you’ll be able to play a “game” that only makes sense to certain people, presumably most of them Japanese. Here’s the explanation, which I still don’t fully grasp:

Anyone who has a Japanese dad knows that they wear this wife-beater + cotton legging set under their business suits every day; and anyone who has ever been to a Japanese street festival knows that these men are experts at carrying portable Shinto shrines (omikoshi) on their shoulders while making noises that express cooperation and motivation.

The 1-Click “game” essentially mimics this behavior, right on your browser.

It’s just plain weird, and sort of interesting, so give it a spin, and let us know what you think.

[ 1-Click ] VIA [ Tokyomango ]