You read that right. It’s a fully functional engine, less than a foot tall, that runs on gas, or butane of propane, right on your desk.

V-Twin engines can run at a lower speeds to due to combined mass of the balanced reciprocating pistons and crosshead.

The ignition system is run using Piezo crystal which requires no batteries. The Engine has two “injecting carburetors” and a large brass flywheel which makes it easy and simple to start. Simply turn a knob on the gas tank and flick the flywheel, then adjust the knob for the correct speed. Extended exhaust pipes have been added to give a V engine type sound (a cut down V8 sound if you like).

The moving parts of the two-cylinders (pistons, crosshead and valve rods) move in opposite directions both balancing the engine and making a interesting mechanical interaction.

The model engine comes complete and ready to run.

You can make it go from 200 to 1500 RPM and it will run up to 10 minutes on a fill of gas. It weighs 2.5 kg, and costs 620$.

A female friend of mine asked me: “But why would you want this?”

Sadly, she just doesn’t get it…

But you can, right here.