Generation NEX
By Chapman

When your childhood toys have become “retro” does that mean you are getting old?

The fine folks at Messiah Entertainment have apparently stolen my very thoughts and created a gaming masterpiece. The Generation NEX Nintendo takes both NES and Famicom cartridges. The form factor is much more slim than either the original NES or Famicom. Then, as if allowing me to play NARC again in peace without having to blow into my cartridge and perform strange ritual sacrifice wasn’t enough, they have included 2.4gHz wireless for the controllers.

I don’t normally get hyped up about rehashed game systems, but when a company takes a system that plays my favorite games of all time and makes it even better, I have to take notice.

I’m off to go find all my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games and see if I qualify for the Senior Citizen discount at Wal-Mart.

Available from Messiah for $60 in September.

Story via UnCrate.


  1. I just got my Generation NEX today. First off, the included controller is terrible. The buttons are slanted, the thing is tiny, and it’s an awkward button layout to begin with. The sound on all the games (incl. SMB3) is off and not accurate (compared to being played on an original NES). Huge bummer. Also, games like River City Ransom do weird stuff when you play them, including garbleing up the menus, changing colors, and generally not working properly. Did they even test this thing? How hard could it be to make a 100% compatible NES clone in 2005? I would warn everyone to stay away from this. For $60 You could get an original NES with a new 72-pin connector in it, some REAL NES controllers, and some decent games. Avoid and get the real thing.

  2. That other guy is talking crazy! I have been pounding my Gen-NEX, playing all my favorites and a bunch of famicom games. The performance is flawless and looks/sounds great on a DLP Infocus projection tv. Having wireless controllers I can sit across the room and see every last detail. Just had a party and 20+ of us took turns, argued over strategy, and had a blast! If I can just keep the kids from stealing the AAA batteries for their mp3 players, I’m golden!