Golden Tee Home Golf Game


Golden Tee Home Golf Game (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Those Golden Tee arcade games you find in many pubs are proof that even a simple game can be ridiculously fun with the right controls and a group of friends. Unfortunately recreating that same atmosphere at home would require you to shell out about $3000 for a brand new Golden Tee arcade system and cover your floors with peanut shells… Until now that is. (Well at least the expensive arcade part.)

The home edition of the Golden Tee game plugs into any TV (via old-school composite cables) and of course includes that all-important giant trackball which made us all addicted to the game in the first place. The system also includes 18 virtual holes and Tournament, Matchplay or Driving Range options.

The home edition of the Golden Tee Golf Game is available from for about $75 but be aware since Firebox is a UK-based site the version they sell might be PAL only.

[Golden Tee Home Golf Game @ Firebox]