Google MapsBy Andrew Liszewski

I saw this game played a week or so ago on G4’s ‘Attack Of The Show’ and it made me yearn for the days of working in an office environment. (Not really.)

Google Maps Rally is a fun way for you and a coworker to waste a couple of hours with nothing more than your PC (or Mac) and a web browser. Here’s how it goes down;

1- You each choose a mutual destination somewhere in the world.

2- You then each choose a starting point. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same location, you’ll need to make sure they’re both the same distance to your destination to make the race fair.

3- Using the Google Maps ‘Get Directions’ feature you each plan the optimal route between your 2 cities. (It’s best to select a start and end city on the same continent.) Google Maps will then show you a nice blue line connecting your two locations on the map VIA various roads and highways.

4- You then each zoom-in to your start cities. (The zoom level is up to you, however in interest of fairness ensure you’re both at the same level.)

5- Then simply start panning the map (using a click and drag motion) along the route as laid out by Google Maps as fast as you can.

5- The first one to arrive at their destination can then claim the title of king of lost productivity!

While it may not appeal to some as much as Solitaire or Minesweeper, the plausible deniability ranking is quite high if and when you get caught by a superior. Enjoy!

[Matter of fact, Bruce and Andrew huff paint thinner together. They’re weak, forgive them. -Ed.]

[Google Maps] Originally Seen On [Attack Of The Show]