Flux Capacitor (Image courtesy eBay)By Andrew Liszewski

It seems someone has gone to an awful lot of work to build an exact replica of the flux capacitor as seen in the Back To The Future trilogy, and they’re now selling it on eBay.

No detail was spared including actual glass tubes accurate to the ones seen in the film, a custom made circuit board and LED lights that continuously chase towards the center. It even has the label-maker warning signs as if the capacitor was built by Doc himself. The whole thing can be run off of a car battery and it comes with all the wiring needed for installation.

Couple the flux capacitor with this 1982 Delorean on eBay Motors and you’re all set to disrupt the space-time continuum in your own misadventures.

[Flux Capacitor on eBay] VIA [productdose]


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    If you get this and you also have a Delorean, you’re all set to act out all your favorite scenes from Back to the Future!? The guy who built this really spent a lot of time making it look as realistic as possible.? One bidder asked the dimensions be…