Handy Bands – Rubber Undies


Handy Bands - Rubber Undies (Image courtesy The PerpetualKid)
By Andrew Liszewski

Now let me think… How can I really stand out at the office and impress the boss?… I’ve got it! Replace every single boring, round elastic with ones shaped like undergarments!… And that’s the story of how I became a freelancer.

But seriously if you’re the type who needs to do everything differently why not pick up a bag of these rubber bands that are contoured to look like socks, boxers and other unmentionables? Like a normal elastic they can be stretched out and will always return to their original shape.

A bag of 24 Rubber Undies will set you back $5.99 from PerpetualKid. (BTW make sure to email your friends about these with the subject ‘Rubber Undies.’ They’ll know what you’re talking about.)

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