By David Ponce

Your spine has become gelatinous from spending too much time slumped over, playing video games? Well, just prop yourself up a little with this ingeniously designed pillow. For $36 at Yahoo Japan, not using your own muscles has never been easier.

[Head-Propping Pillow] VIA [The Raw Feed]


  1. Kussen voor gamers

    Zit je 23 uur per dag voor je flatscreen op je PS2 te gamen? Dan kun je wel een steuntje gebruiken. Yahoo Japan kent dit probleem en verkoopt je voor 36 dollar een handige hulp. Dit kussen is een soort…

  2. […] Head-Propping Pillow For Chronic Gamers Now c’mon… that’s just… wow. Well, those zany Japanese are at it again; this pillow lets you sit comfortably while still being able to slouch forward in a lazy manner. Woo hoo, ergonomic designer lazyness! For $36 at Yahoo Japan, you too can be lazy like a true otaku. [Head-Propping Pillow] VIA [The Raw Feed] VIA [OhGizmo] […]