Uh, I don’t really know what to file this under. It’s just interesting that someone would have thought to make something like this at all. In this case, a Japanese fellow by the name of Misako Yasuda. What is it? Uh, well, see, it’s a pillow. Yeah. A lifesize pillow, in the shape of a comely Japanese, uh, lady. And since it’s called a “Huggin” pillow, I imagine that you’re supposed to, ah, hug it. Yeah, just hug it.

I mean, hey, who exactly will buy this? And why? I should know better than to ask those questions, but it’s hard to help.

If you must know, it weighs about 300g, and is 170cm tall. That’s about 5ft7 or something.

And it’s 143$. Yup.

Here. Story VIA Popgadget.

Update: So, reader Hadi tells us that this might just be one big, regular pillow. As in, a big rectangle pillow, with this picture printed on it. Also, I’m beggining to suspect that Misako Yasuda might just be the girl on the picture. Making this a, though titillating, altogether banal, 143$ affair.


  1. Humanoid Love Pillow

    Great Caesar’s Ghost! Dear Japan: I know Tokyo is a big city and it gets lonely sometimes. But you don’t have to resort to purchasing a human shaped sleepy-time pillow on which to furtively spew your indelible need while your…

  2. hate to spoil the fun, but i think it’s just one of those long pillows with a PRINT of the CHICK named “Misako Yasuda.” just ran a google image search and she’s pretty hot. Considering the webiste also has bed sheets with the same print, i think its a safe bet to think this is just another printed product. Not the same thing as those “lap pillow” deals.

  3. Need I say more? Ok, I will, these are called ‘dakimakura’, hugging pillows, or dutch wives and are quite popular among the geeks, dorks, nerds, dweebs, jugheads, eggheads, gaywads, dickwads, dorkwads, dingbats, cretins, shut-ins, and socially inept of Japan. They come in two flavors: bikini idols, and underage anime girls.

  4. Hey people, perves, and all you Culturally Illiterate, “Hugging Pillow” is a mistranslation!

    This is a piece of celebrity memorabilia. Misako Yasuda is one of a couple hundred of Japan’s supermodel celebrities.

    Now, keep your mind clean, otherwise you’ll never understand.

    Japanese Culture is extremely different from American, so they don’t think the way you do. Ideologically, Emotionally and Sexually, the Japanese are a much more liberated people. This means they’re actually a lot less likely to have psychological issues. On the other hand, most people have issues with them.

    This pillow is the same idea as a cardboard cutout, bedsheets, or a body pillow. The Japanese don’t automatically think “sex toy” whenever they see something that turns them on.

    “Hugging Pillow” is a poor mistranslation of “Body Pillow”

    In Japan, they have “Modeling Videos,” a kind of nerd’s music video based upon (nonsexual) beauty. Unlike Americans, they don’t jump from “Divinely Gorgeous” to “Sex Goddess” in a nano-second. They stay fixated on beauty the way a 9-year-old does. Sounds innocent, doesn’t it? Not really, in the minds of Japanese anyhow.

  5. […] Loneliness must be painful. I don’t intend to sound poetic or anything. It’s just that when you have to resort to human shaped pillows, you know you have to start looking for a companion right quick. For some reason, thus far such pillows have been targeted to men. Here’s one for the ladies. […]

  6. […] It all started with this, on May 23rd: The Humanoid Hugging Pillow. At first, it seemed to be a life-sized human shaped “pillow”, made for, em, hugging. Sort of an upgraded version of the lap pillows that had already come out at the time. Gizmodo picked it up, and 15,000 visitors poured in within a day. But then, some readers pointed out that it was no such thing. It’s simply a big rectangular pillow, a “dakimura”, with this picture printed on it. The sort of thing is popular popular among a certain crowd in Japan. Fun, but not quite as fun as it could have been, I guess. $140. [Humanoid Hugging Pillow] […]

  7. LOL. The one guy defends the Japs and says that they have those things for “celebrity memorabilia” and not a sex toy. Yeah, right. The Japs are little horndogs…