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Humanoid Hugging Pillow

Uh, I don’t really know what to file this under. It’s just interesting that someone would have thought to make something like this at all. In this case, a Japanese fellow by the name of Misako Yasuda. What is it? Uh, well, see, it’s a pillow. Yeah. A lifesize pillow, in the shape of a comely Japanese, uh, lady. And since it’s called a “Huggin” pillow, I imagine that you’re supposed to, ah, hug it. Yeah, just hug it.

I mean, hey, who exactly will buy this? And why? I should know better than to ask those questions, but it’s hard to help.

If you must know, it weighs about 300g, and is 170cm tall. That’s about 5ft7 or something.

And it’s 143$. Yup.

Here. Story VIA Popgadget.

Update: So, reader Hadi tells us that this might just be one big, regular pillow. As in, a big rectangle pillow, with this picture printed on it. Also, I’m beggining to suspect that Misako Yasuda might just be the girl on the picture. Making this a, though titillating, altogether banal, 143$ affair.