Ice Rocks (Image courtesy Water Bank of America)By Andrew Liszewski

There was a scene in the cut-down-in-it’s-prime cartoon Futurama where Fry, one of the show’s main characters is eating Oreos. Of course in the future where the show took place Oreos are overpackaged to the point where both the cookie portions and the cream centers each come in their own individual wrappers and require assembly before eating. That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw these Ice Rocks.

From the ‘Water Bank of America Inc,’ Ice Rocks are basically spring water that has been pre-packaged in hermetically sealed ice cube trays that you can buy at the grocery store and stick in your freezer at home for clean, pure ice cubes whenever you need them. Now granted the trays themselves are made from recyclable plastic which is nice but I’m still not seeing the reason someone might need these. The company also boasts their partnership agreement with the Red-Cross on their site but even in an emergency situation I can’t see Ice Rocks being that useful.

When available Ice Rocks will be sold in packs of 4, 24, 48 and a family pack of 200 cubes but no pricing info is available at the moment.

[Ice Rocks] VIA [Popgadget]


  1. -you can just toss them in the freezer and not worry about spilling them
    – they won’t pick up ‘flavours’ from that fish in your freezer
    – easier to get out of the ‘tray’ ?
    – cleaner water than what you get from the tap (depending where you are
    – can be used as a cold pack

    Mind you, some kind of resealable, re-usable ice cube tray could do the same job

  2. I might see their purpose, to a certain extent.
    One of my worst drinking experiences of all times was on a visit to the US, when I was served a drink with ice cubes made from tap water.
    It had a distinct and sharp taste of chlorine.
    And of course undrinkable.
    I’d pay a few cents extra to get tasteless ice cubes in my drink.