InfraRed USB Web Cam (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Web cams aren’t exactly known for their amazing image quality even in the most well-lit situations. Using them in a dark room only makes matters worse. However, the InfraRed USB Web Cam can take crisp black and white images even in complete darkness thanks to it’s array of 6 infrared detectors emitters placed on either side of the lens.

It has a 640×480 CMOS sensor, and presumably can take stills that size, but moving video is limited to 320×240, though at 30fps. It supports USB 2 from which it also draws power, has a built-in microphone, supports nearly all flavors of Windows (sorry Mac fans) and is compatible with MSN, Yahoo, ICQ & AOL. All that for a relatively cheap $19 from

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  1. those are not ir detectors, they are ir emitters. why would it have six detectors? all webcams can already see in ir, this just adds an invisible flashlight to the camera.