By Evan Ackerman

I’m always impressed by the cool stuff coming out of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories (stuff like this, for example). And their latest project is no disappointment, as you can see from the video. These coffee tables are touch sensitive, and respond to pressure with ripples of blue and white LEDs. When they aren’t being touched, the LEDs twinkle softly, but any contact sets off “waves” of light that move around the table and gradually settle down, kinda like touching a pool of water. There’s no pre-programming and no seizure-inducing blinking or flashing; it’s completely analog and smooth.

I’m happy to report that you can buy one of these. They come in two table styles, and cost in the neighborhood of $2000 (depending on options) from Because We Can. Or, you can just buy the kit (add your own table and do some soldering) starting at $350 (large sizes and colored LEDs besides blue and white cost more) directly from Evil Mad Scientist Labs. Cat+string sold separately.

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