Top Standing Desks
Gain more energy and brain power with these standing desks.

Standing desks are growing more popular as people try to find ways to stay healthy while working – and burn a few more calories, too. For people who are interested in trying out the new fad, the first step is, of course, buying a standing desk. Here’s where the trouble begins…and where Gadget Review is standing by to help out.

There’s a surprising amount of variation in standing desks, which can be used in a variety of spaces and for many different purposes. Even the basic standing desk with a flat top and traditional supports can be augmented with gadgets like cable holes, holders for your iPhone or iPad, and more.

Another key point is if the desk is stationary, or can be adjusted to multiple levels for different people. Stationary desks are far less expensive, but may not work in an office setting, and cannot switch back to a sit-down position when necessary. Among the adjustable options, the best standing desks have electronic systems that move the desk and remember various heights, although this will tend to raise the price even higher.

If you are short on room but still want a standing desk, there are smaller cool furniture solutions to fit nearly anywhere in an office or entryway, solving your problem and saving you space. Here’s a look at a few of the best standing desks around, and just how they differ.

NextDesk Terra

Next Desk Standing Desk
The Next Desk Standing Desk is a top desk for standing and working.

NextDesk produces some of the most beautiful standing desks around, and the advanced Terra model has an electrical system that can remember three preset heights. It’s mostly made out of aluminum and bamboo, so there’s also an eco-friendly vibe. Unfortunately, at $1,500 it’s probably going to be one of the priciest desks you’ll ever buy.

UpLift 900

Uplift Standing Desk
The UpLift 900 allows for a lot of customization at an affordable price.

UpLift’s approach to standing desks is simple: You can customize the desk with a variety of arms, casters, keyboard trays, and more, then equip it with an electrical motor for adjusting heights and be on your way. Cheaper materials bring the price down to $700.

Ninja Standing Desk

The Ninja Standing Desk
The Ninja desk is the martial art of standing desks

This fun little desk can unfold from the wall to give you a quick little workspace that fits just about anywhere. It’s really just a more dependable kind of shelf, which is why the price is only at $160.