It was really hard to stop laughing when I saw this. It still is, fifteen minutes later. See, it’s pure hysterical genius.

Genius I tell ya.

It’s a kit that lets you change your dog’s breed simply by donning a clever little costume. Everything you need is included in the kit:

    Toqual’ fake fur pieces (already cut to size)
    High Quality duct tape
    Under harness
    Black spray paint (dogsafe)

There are several such kits, where you can turn your German Shepherd into a Golden Retriever, or your Mastiff into an Old English Sheepdog.

I don’t think these are being manufactured by anyone just yet, rather they seem to be a fun project from some guy with apparent issues with BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). I think you can contact him and get him to send you some, or something, though I couldn’t find a price on the website.

Story VIA Gadgetryblog.