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[Not sure why this is current, since it really isn’t, but what the hell, it’s not uninteresting. -Ed.]

By Bruce Eaton

We are all nerds here [No, no, my dear man! We are geeks! World of difference here. -Ed.], ones that wonder to themselves “How is it possible that the Deathstar can blow apart planets?” Well, one man by the name of Michael Wong answers, with calculus, exactly how much power you would need to do it. You know, to have a Deathstar Laser System.

For true fans and nerds alike, he delves into the nitty gritty and addresses such topics as:

“Alderaan might have been a very tiny planet, so it would have been very easy to destroy”.
There is a fairly narrow range of planet types which can support human life. A human-habitable planet must have sufficient gravity to have retained an atmosphere after its formation, so Alderaan simply could not have been an extremely small planet. Furthermore, the Death Star has been explicitly described to be capable of destroying any inhabited planet.

[Deathstar] VIA [AMCP Tech Blog]

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