jabra jacob jensen

By David Ponce

We’ve written about Jacon Jensen before. The dude has an eye for design, that’s for sure, and he applies his talent to all sorts of products, like doorbells and wireless phones. This time, it’s a Jabra Bluetooth headset, the JX10.

Yeah, yeah, it’s been out for a bit, but we missed it, and we thought you should see it. It takes a name like Jacob Jensen to take what other manufacturers are selling for $70, and charge $180 for it. That said, the features are solid, and if you’ve got that kind of cash, why not buy the best looking Bluetooth headset around?

Come inside for more pictures and a feature list.

jabra jensen 3

jabra jacob jensen

? Less than 1/3 oz
? Size: L: 11/2 x W: 3/4 x D: 3/4 inches
? Digital sound enhancement via DSP technology
? One-touch pairing button
? Optional charging from PC via USB
? Complete with desktop charging cradle and carry pouch
? Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 200 hours standby
? Multi-colored LED light indicator for status on Bluetooth, battery and charging
? 2 different wearing styles ? with or without the earhook
? Easy accessible volume control
? Answer/end call
? Voice dial*
? Last-number redial*
? Reject call*
? Call hold/call wait*
? Bluetooth 1.2 supporting headset and hands-free profile

[Jabra JX10] VIA [Fosfor Gadgets]


  1. Yes, just another headphone. The thing is, Jensen’s not just another product designer. Stuff he comes out with is usually very slick. My point was that if you’re going to get a headset, why not get one that actually looks cool, as opposed to a mechanical ear tumor.

  2. I got this ear piece a couple months ago. It’s great and super light. You don’t have to use the hook over your ear. It’s so light it hangs in your ear without any help at all. If you can get a deal on one I recomend it.