By David Ponce

I just couldn’t resist posting about this. It’s a slingshot with laser guidance, the secret of which lays within its dual offset pivoting system. This system is able to precisely align a laser or sight to the trajectory of the fired projectile. This revolutionary breakthrough allows the Laser Slingshot to precisely split pencils at 20 feet, hit cans as far as 150 feet, and hit flying targets with a shotgun spray of BBs (with optional add-on shotgun pouch).

I was a slingshot nut as a kid, and I would have peed my pants in frustration at the thought of my parents inevitably refusing to buy this for me. So maybe it’s better that I’m all growed up, cause now, with $50, I can buy me my own. And by Jumping Jehosaphat, I will! Right here. Story VIA DoubleViking.