lie detectorBy Dave Coulter

Smart Home says, “Truth Detector????
I say, “Yes please!???

What a godsend! Now I can indulge all of my most paranoid fantasies in this stylishly clear, LED laden, be-rectangled Vicar of Veracity!

Well sort of. The device is actually a voice stress analyzer, which is to say that it analyzes the stress level of a voice, rather than the truthfulness of the spoken word. (The whole “truth” thingy is a whit inductive, non?) The glaring assumption here is that we “get stressed??? when we lie, but obviously these people have never met my ex-girlfriend—an even-keeled sociopath if there ever was one.

No matter! When this sweet little gizmo notes that a voice is getting tense, you’ll know that it is time to watch your back. You see, it isn’t that my best friend is upset about his day at work—no, no—it’s that he’s lying.

In person, through the telephone, or broadcast on TV, this Pandora’s Box will let you know who’s sellin’ Lake Michigan, and who’s not clever enough to try. It’s yours for $32.99. Or is it?

Story VIA GadgetryBlog


  1. Nil nove sub sole (Nothing new under the sun).
    I already bought this device 5 years ago at Conrad in Germany for 25 € (
    But still cool…

  2. Meet the parents

    Niet dat het een leuke of een goede film was, maar mocht je desondanks door het kijken naar de film Meet the Parents geinteresseerd zijn geraakt, dan kun je nu je hart ophalen. Ja, je ziet het goed, dit is…