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Luxury Bathtubs With Integrated Plasmas

calspa luxury bathtub

By David Ponce

So this is the plan. First, get filthy rich. Doesn’t really matter how. Go hunting for treasure if you have to. Point is, first, you have to have some serious dough. Then, go to company CalSpas and order yourself a bitchin’ spa, with features like

a 42? auto-rising plasma TV with DVD player, CD-playing surround sound speakers with subwoofers, LED lights, exercise equipment, lounge seats, LED waterfalls and exclusive adjustable Therapy system

Now, of course, I say you have to be rich, but I’m not sure to the tune of just how much. No price seems to be listed anywhere on the site, but that in itself is a sign.

Still, I imagine it’s nice to know how… some people are living.

[The CalSpa GX49] VIA [New Launches]