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Magnalectric Cube Picture Frame

Magnalectric Cube Picture Frame (Image courtesy Hollywood Gadgets)By Andrew Liszewski

I can just hear the marketing guys who were tasked with naming this thing. “Hmm, the term Electromagnet lacks a certain buzz… what about if we switched things around and called it Magnalectric instead?!” And so marketing-speak prevails yet again.

Usually I find these desktop levitating things pretty lame but I think it’s because of their applications. Do I really need a small version of the space shuttle floating nearby when I’m working? No. Do I need my pen to look like it’s trapped in some invisible force shield? No. Do I even need a pen these days? Also, no. But if I were the type who put photos around my desk I think this might make for an OK picture frame.

The cube holds 4 photos and because it floats it’s apparently pretty easy to rotate as needed. Also it needs power and comes with an AC adapter so there’s another spot on the power bar gone.

The Magnalectric Cube Picture Frame is available from Hollywood Gadgets for $34.95.

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