By Productdose Staff

Lucky for us, the Internal Rolex gold bracelet, designed by Leon Ransmeier, achieves readymade success on the merits of its promotional copy alone:

The Internal Rolex consists of a Rolex replica encased in leather, thus becoming non-functional as a timepiece. The hidden watch transcends typical associations of wealth or at least the accepted appearance of such by silencing the “bling” and isolating the emerging form. By stripping the user of this visible mechanical aid, one is forced to rely on a sense of personal time or the help of others to determine the hour.

We like to think that the Internal Rolex transcends typical associations of wealth because of the fact that it’s a fake Rolex. And if “silencing the ‘bling’??? is merely a matter of wearing a watch that never incorporated “bling??? in the first place, we’re enacting artistic expression over here at Productdose on the daily. And, you know, when you don’t have the time, we like to think it helps to ask someone else. Now, would you pay $275 for this? Up to you…