dragon bag

By David Ponce

If anything screams “I’m not getting laid tonight” louder than this bag, we’d love to hear it. Until then, we do happen to admire the amount of effort and craftsmanship required to create something like this. It’s a one of a kind leather dragon bag, created by a dude in Ukraine called Bob Basset. Strangely, the name doesn’t sound overly Ukrainian, but what do we know?

Aside from the fact that the bag is handmade from molded leather, we don’t know a whole lot more. So we’re going to leave you with two more pictures after the jump, as well as a couple links.

dragon bag

dragon bag

[ Bob Basset’s Journal (In Ukrainian, we think) ] VIA [ Geekologie ]


  1. and I thought my TShirt that said, “You look fat when you cry” was bad in the ‘getting laid’ department, but this guy sure has me beat. Kudos i guess…

  2. Are you kidding? Gotta say as a girl, that if I were single I would find this really appealing. A good portion of women who loved cutesy crap like unicorns and rainbows, grew up to appreciate dragons. Oh and lets not leave out the goths.