cake burger
By Bruce Eaton

A friend once defined Testicular Fortitude [Nice Family Guy reference there, Bruce. -Ed.] as “what sends men to war and what keeps women in the kitchen.” Well in actuality it is what keeps men from just sucking it up and eating delicious pink pastries, and flowery cakes. In order to overcome this problem, Mamido’s Burger in Shibuya, Japan makes burgers and fries that are actually tasty little snacks such as chocolate mousse or cream filled fried delights.

Designed to look like regular food, a burger from Mamido’s contains a “bun” of sponge cake, a “patty” of chocolate cream, “pickles” that are kiwi slices, and “mayo” that is whipped cream. The concept was born out of the need for men who couldn’t suck it up and go to a cake shop but still craved empty calories, man style. “Burgers” range from ?390-550 or $3.90-5.50 and “fries” being ?390.

[Mamido’s Burger] VIA [Treehugger]

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