MAX Media PlayerBy Jennifer Chappell

As if the Nintendo DS wasn’t cool enough as a gaming system, now Datel’s MAX Media Player can turn the DS into a snazzy, powerful home entertainment device, with movie playback, music on the move and a convenient picture viewer!

The Max Media Player comes with a 4GB hard drive unit that you plug into your DS?s GBA cartridge slot, cartridge for your DS?s game slot, USB cable, and the Media Manager PC application. After you insert the cartridge into your DS?s game slot and boot up the fully featured browser, you’re ready to play your MP3 audio tracks, watch videos and view your JPEGs on your DS?s screen. You’ll even be able to use the browser to activate executable programs.

The MAX Media Player for DS will be out in late March for $225.

via Code Junkies


  1. still has bugs. Converted a television show watch on ds. There is an annoying white bar at the top of the tv show. Don’t expect a miracle when u start making your own movies for your DS.