By Michelle Cheung

You don’t eat gum or candy all the time and you drink coffee. Let’s face it, you have stinky breath. So the following product might offer some hope, but first I have to introduce another related product. Have you heard of stainless-steel soap? The ones that can “eliminate persistent food smells from your fingers.” Rub it with water for 30 seconds and it removes tough odors like garlic and onions!

So with the same concept, they came up with the stainless-steel lollipop! Put it in your mouth for 30 seconds and your stinky breath is gone. When you are done with the “lollipop”, put it back in the case it came with (ew…). They claim that you can use it for pet odor, foot odor (rub it against the feet and then put it in your mouth! Yum~) and many other odor. Cost around $23.

How does stainless-steel soap works? Here.

Stainless-steel mouth odor killer available through Amazon Japan.