m:robe 500So, the way I see this, everyone and the mailman is trying to sell me a Portable Media Player. The choices are vast, and the feature combinations, endless. That being said, this little one does seem kind of cute. Be forewarned though, I know next to nothing about these toys.

Now, the m:robe 500 isn’t exactly a PMP. It doesn’t play video. What it is exactly though, isn’t clear. It’s either a digital camera that plays mp3s. Or, it’s an mp3 player that takes pictures. Seeing as the picture quality tops out at 1.3MP, maybe we should see it as the latter. The nice thing is, it comes with a touch-sensitive 3.7inch LCD display.

It weighs in at 7.4 ounces (210g). Not featherlight, but not heavy either, only an ounce heavier than an iPod Photo. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it comes with 20GB of storage.

So, um… in other words, for the same price as an iPod Photo, you get half the storage… and twice the screen size. Except the iPod doesn’t actually take the pictures. But, and this is a big but… It’s not an iPod. Hmmm, now tell me, why am I evaluating everything in relation to the iPod?

Good work, Mr.Jobs, you’ve iPodified me.

Visit the product page.