By Shane McGlaun

I have played my share of Rock Band and I actually enjoy the game very much. One particularly eventful night a friend even bought in his Halloween fogger machine and smoked up his entire house. Alas, his wife put a stop to Rock Band night after the fogger debacle.

As much as I like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, I can’t get as excited about the idea of a DJ game. If you feel differently, you may like the new Scratch Deck controller form Numark and Genius specifically made for DJ games. The Scratch Deck will be shown for the first time at E3 next month.

The deck has a free-spinning and touch-sensitive turntable with a crossfader and five Akai Pro MPC-style drum pads. The drum pads let players customize tracks by triggering samples that are pre-loaded into the game or from records that ship with the software. The deck is compatible with standard game controls for console game systems and has an ambidextrous design. The Scratch Deck will ship this fall.

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