NYKO is selling these pretty neoprene lined cases for the PSP that have the advantage of being fitted with a Lithium battery from which the PSP takes juice while it’s docked. When the case’s battery dries up, only then will Sony’s baby start using its own.

There are two models, one that’s just a charging case, and another that also integrates some speakers and an adjustable viewing stand. The first one adds 7 hours of functionality, while the second one, a mere 5 hours. Goes for, respectively, $70 and $80.

The website is here. Story VIA Coolhunting.

Oh, and before you start telling me, I know this stuff is old as the world itself. It’s new to me, and that’ll have to do.


  1. That is a cool case. BUT I am more stoked about the fact that the new 2.0 firmware will FINALLY be compatible with Sony’s music service, Sony Connect, which is only logical. And the AAC compatibility is nice too if you use iTunes (minus the DRM protected tracks from the music store). Sweet